School Age

School-age children are welcome at A Shining Star Learning Center where we
provide a before and after school program. A Shining Star Learning Center
provides bus transportation for children attending Sugar Creek, Fairview and
Prairieland Elementary schools. Unit 5 School District provides bus transportation
for some children attending Parkside Elementary. Please check with Unit 5
Transportation, (309) 557-4287, to see if your child is eligible for transportation

After school each day, the children are provided a nutritious snack, followed
by quiet time to either complete homework or read a book, then free play either
inside the classroom or out on the center’s playground.

On days when children are out of school, a more structured schedule with
various activities and art projects fills the day. At A Shining Star Learning Center,
the school-age room is a fun atmosphere to where the children love to interact
with their friends. During the summer months, a full-time summer program
includes exciting learning activities and field trips.

Reading exercises and math skills are implemented to keep the children intellectually stimulated during the summer. Besides our outdoor activities,
the children participate in an air conditioned environment on hot and humid days.