Got Movement?

Kid's Magazine Bloomington-Normal - Summer 2011
Jyl Waller

Every child marches to a different beat.

Encouraging our children to express themselves through music and movement
provides them with an outlet for creative energy. In addition to being a fun event
for families, musical activities also help develop areas of the brain involved in
language and reasoning. It’s important to expose children to a wide variety of
tastes, smells, textures, colors and sounds because researchers believe such
a rich sensory environment actually forges more pathways between the cells
in their brains. Before speaking words, babies practice the sounds, intonations
and rhythms of language. Some children will hum a tune before they speak!
 Because research has shown that kids who are actively involved in music will
do better in school, play better with others and are more able to focus and
control their bodies, let’s jam!